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Av. Movimiento Obrero 227, Col. La Fama, Santa Catarina, N.L., México Green


Green Stuff® Absorbent Pads feature the highest absorption capacity. They are practical, economical, and effective.

Very lightweight with superior absorbency of 24 times its weight. It is very easy to cut to suit a specific size need. Ideal for placing on spill trays, under drums, or under any machinery where there are leaks. They can also be placed to cover the trajectory from one area to another if the transport of parts spills oils or acids onto the floor.


  • Durable and lasting.
  • Compatible with chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  • Great absorption capacity
  • Useful as a mat to reduce the oil on floors.


Green Stuff® Pad 59 x 22 x 2.54 cm