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Green Stuff® Absorbent Pillows are easy to handle before and after saturation. They are the ideal size to absorb hard-to-reach spills and leaks. Their coarse stuffing with universal absorbent and polypropylene cover makes them ideal for any conditions.


  • Easy to handle before and after saturation.
  • Coated with sturdy polypropylene fabric that is compatible with chemicals.
  • Ideal for leaks and spills in hard-to-reach places, such as under machinery.
  • High absorption capacity that better allows the containment of spills.
  • Lightweight and practical to provide improved cleanliness and appearance to your work areas.
  • Easy disposal as it can be incinerated or confined thanks to its high BTU’s and non-biodegradability.


Green Stuff® Pillow 30 x 30 cm

Green Stuff® Pillow 45 x 60 cm