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The Green Stuff® Absorbent Plates feature the highest absorption capacity, practical, economical, and effective presentations.

A very light piece with an absorption superior to any other (24 times its weight). It is very easy to adapt to a specific size because it can be cut easily, it is ideal to be placed on spill trays, under drums that have more protruding spills or under any machinery where there are leaks or leaks difficult to meet. It can also be placed to cover the passage from one area to another of pieces that, due to its process, spill oil or acids protecting the soil from further damage.


  • Resistant, and surrendering.
  • Compatible with chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  • Great absorption capacity
  • Useful as a mat to reduce the oil in soles.


Plate of 23.5”x9”x1”. 24 pieces per box
Clave GMT010