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Absorbent Sacks Green Stuff ® Absorbs and keeps your work areas cleaner and safer longer due to its excellent absorption capacity. Available in different sizes ideal for each of your needs. Your best allies in the prevention and solution of spills.


  • The content of the Green Stuff® socks is made of crushed absorbent foam, which provides great absorption capacity, from 3.8Lt per piece, up to 20 liters according to the presentation.
  • Coated by resistant polypropylene fabric and compatible with chemicals in aqueous solution and hydrocarbons in general.
  • Different sizes that allow you to adjust to your needs in terms of delineating machinery or delimiting corridors.
  • High absorption capacity that allows to contain more and better spills.
  • Thin.
  • Easy disposal to be incinerated or confined thanks to its high level of BTU’s characteristics and non-biodegradability.


Sack of 1.2 m x 3” D. 16 pieces per box. Key GMT100

Sack of 3.0 M y 3” D. 6 pieces per box. Key GMT102

Sack of 6.0 M y 3” D. 3 pieces per box. Key GMT104