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Here you will find the answer to the Frequently Asked Questions about our products immediately.

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Yes they are compatible with aggressive chemicals, unlike rags, tow, sawdust, moss and other products of plant origin.

For more information, consult the compatibility table.

The waste is sent to confinement with an authorized company, such as ProAmbiente from CEMEX, Ecoltec from APASCO, RIMSA, etc. which have thermal destruction permits incinerating in cement kilns or only confining in special places for that.

Green Stuff® is a phenolic foam formed by thousands of porous cells that completely retain liquids, DO NOT confuse it with moss.

We have ONLY OIL AND HYDROCARBON TABS that allow to selectively clean hydrocarbons and other oil-based liquids, it is a good water repellent (hydrophobic).

The GREEN STUFF® granulated absorbent is ideal for use on any type of spill. Absorb instantly by applying directly on the spill.