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The Green Stuff ® Absorbent Cushions are easy to handle before and after saturation. They provide the ideal size to solve the uncomfortable spills and leaks. Its coarse padding with universal absorbent and polypropylene cover makes them ideal for any type of conditions.


  • Easy to handle before and after its saturation.
  • Coated by resistant polypropylene fabric and compatible with chemicals.
  • Ideal for leaks, leaks, and small spaces where spills occur, such as under machinery.
  • High absorption capacity that allows to contain more and better spills.
  • Lightweight and practical to provide greater cleanliness and better appearance in your work areas.
  • Easy disposition to be incinerated or confined thanks to its high level of BTUs and non-biodegradability.
  • Thin.


cushion 30x30 cm. 25 pieces

cushion 45x60 cm. 10 pieces.